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Introducing our exciting new eco-friendly range of commercial furniture made from Palmwood.

Palmwood comes from farmed plantations of old coconut palms. Oil palms which were no longer producing fruit were chopped off and replaced every 20 to 25 years at which point it is considered to have reached the end of its economic life and is felled to make way for future crops. Each year, several million palms are felled throughout the tropics. Traditionally, the trunks have been wasted by-products from this process.  Using palmwood, instead of indigenous timbers, causes no hurt; it helps preserve nature for our children. You don't have to cut another rainforest tree if you use the alternative; readily available Palmwood.

With these products performing at equal to or even better than conventional hardwoods, Palmwood represents a viable substitute for endangered hardwoods from an ecologically-sound source.  Palm trees have no annual growth rings, rays, heartwood or branches, meaning that Palmwood is free from knots and other such imperfections.

Processed Palmwood is resistant to termites and borers, as well as mould and wood rot, making Palmwood suitable to both interiors and exteriors, in wet and dry climates. Palmwood is suitable for many applications including furniture due to its durability, versatility and unique beauty.


The world is waking up to the threat posed by mass deforestation and Palmwood furniture is a beautiful alternative to mahogany or any other forest wood. It is a viable ecologically-sound substitute for tropical hardwood.

The stems were exceptionally strong and durable – as hard as conventional hardwood- yet flexible.  It was the perfect ecological substitute; there could no longer be any excuse for the destruction of the remaining forest of the world.


SVSB’s new Palmwood furniture range is unique and alluring. With a striking grain pattern, this versatile and durable timber promotes a refreshing new look and feel to both interior and exterior decoration.


Smart Victory is committed in promoting Palmwood as an ecologically-sound substitute for endangered hardwood, while simultaneously highlighting its inherent, unique beauty.

Save the indigenous forest by using Palmwood!


All Sizes are in mm. 

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